In today's hi-tech world a monitor should be set to a bare minimum of 256 colors and a resolution of 800x600; however, the original setting is set to 640x480.  By changing your monitor settings, this will allow you to view more information on the screen at one time, without requiring you to scroll left/right and up/down all the time.  

A majority of monitors should be able to handle this resolution without any problems.  If you have a Microsoft Windows 9x operating system and want to change your resolution, follow the below instructions.

To change your screen resolution:

  1. Click on "Start" (bottom left corner, default)
  2. Slide to "Settings"
  3. Slide over to "Control Panel" and select it
  4. Then select "Display"
  5. Then select the tab "Settings"
  6. Color should be a minimum of "256 Colors"
  7. *Desktop Area/Resolution should be a minimum of 1024x768
  8. If you have a 14" monitor or wear corrective lenses change your "Font Size" to "Large Fonts"
    (Step 8,  will require the Windows 9x setup floppy/CD and a system restart, if you have never previously loaded large fonts.)

    *Note:  Your monitor and display adapter determine whether you can change your screen resolution. After you change the desktop area, click Test to determine if your monitor supports the selected resolution.
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